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1) Housing Choice Voucher Program

2) Housing Trust Fund/Long Term Homeless Program

Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program utilizes the existing private rental market in South St. Paul to provide affordable housing for low-income families, elderly, handicapped and disabled persons. The HRA administers this federal program for the City of South St. Paul. The HRA assists over 302 families and individuals through this program.

Program participants pay a minimum of 30% of their monthly adjusted income toward rent (and may not pay more than 40% of monthly adjusted income when initially leasing a unit with voucher assistance). The program provides rental assistance which is the difference between the participants rent portion and the contract rent. The rent assistance is paid directly to the property owner on the first of each month.

Program participants choose a rental unit from the private rental market and the property owner must be willing to accept voucher-assisted tenants. The types of housing which are eligible for the program are privately owned duplexes, townhouses, apartments and single-family homes. The housing must be appropriate for the family size, be located in South St. Paul and meet the Housing Quality Standards of the program. If the participant is currently renting a unit in South St. Paul that would be suitable for the Housing Choice Voucher program, they may be able to remain in that unit. Participants are not permitted to rent from family members.

Housing Choice Voucher Program Income Limits (2014)

Household Size


















Voucher Program Payment Standards (2014)

The maximum assistance a household is eligible to receive is equal to the difference between 30% of a household’s monthly adjusted income and the applicable Voucher Payment Standard.


Payment Standard











How to Apply for the Housing Choice Voucher Program – The Housing Choice Voucher Program Waiting List is currently closed and will remain closed until further notice.

Important Program Notes

Reporting Income Changes – Any income or household changes must be reported in writing to the HRA within 10 days.

Questions? Call the HRA at (651) 554-3270

HousingLink's Private Market Vacancy Report (PMVR) is an extensive, weekly report of housing vacancies and waiting list openings. New reports are available each Monday. The Housing Link website is  

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Housing Trust Fund/Long Term Homeless Programs

The South St. Paul HRA was awarded a grant by the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency to administer the Housing Trust Fund and Long Term Homeless Programs throughout Dakota County. These rental assistance programs are intended to be temporary in nature and provide assistance through the South St. Paul HRA to an individual household until the household's income rises above the income limits or until the household receives rental assistance that is not time-limited, such a Housing Choice Voucher. To be considered for these programs a referral is required by the Dakota County Supportive Housing Unit.

There are very few openings for the Housing Trust Fund/Long Term Homeless Program. Referrals for openings are made by Dakota County Community Services Case Managers.

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Senior Public Housing

The HRA manages 296 one bedroom apartments in two buildings in South St. Paul. The apartments are designated for low to moderate-income persons. Building amenities include an on-site caretaker, security building, after hours answering service, elevators, community room, resident activities, resident services and laundry facilities. Sixteen units are wheelchair accessible.


John Carroll Building 300 Grand Avenue

Nan McKay Building 200 Marie Avenue


The minimum age requirement for admission regardless of disability is age 50. Preference for admissions are given to elderly (defined as age 62 or older), persons with a disability, South St. Paul residents, veterans and spouses of veterans.

Rents are charged at a rate of 30% of a tenant’s monthly adjusted income with a minimum rent of $25.00 and a maximum rent of $580.00. Heat, water, sewer and trash are included with rent. Residents are responsible for excess electricity consumed by an air conditioning unit ($5.00 per month year around), telephone, utilities and cable television. Free surface parking is available. The security deposit is equal to the total tenant payment or $100.00 whichever is greater.

Household Size






How to Apply for Senior Public Housing - Appointments are required to make an application. To set up an application appointment call (651) 554-3273.

Independent Living Program

The HRA contracts with DARTS to provide an Independent Living Program. The program provides extra services for a maximum of 30 residents who wish to remain in their apartments. Services include two meals per day, coordination of other services, program aid assistance, emergency response systems and transportation. Services require an added fee based on the residents’ monthly income.

More information on the Independent Living Program may be obtained by contacting the DARTS Independent Living Program manager at 651-276-0618.


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